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Data from a hidden Repeating group

What’s the best possible way to get data from a hidden Repeating group?
I have tried placing repeating group in a Popup but it’s still in “Invisible” state and I’m unable to use data from it.

I usually just place mine somewhere on the page and make it not visible and use it normally. I don’t put it in additional groups and other things ideally and I’m usually able to access data from it just fine

Oh, I forgot to add a thing. I’m using Repeating group tools plugin by BDK. For any plugin to access data from a Repeating group or a normal group, that RG or group should be in a Visible state. Otherwise, Plugins can’t access data from invisible elements.

Is it an option to:

  • Update: use an “align to parent” container with which you can stack components instead of negative margins
  • make it very small
  • make it transparant
  • a combination of the above

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