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Getting FullContact data via Blockspring

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to get people’s information using FullContact.

I have a workflow to obtain a text result (on Facebook results from FullContact) but it returns blank or as [object Object].

How do I pull out a specific result, like Facebook URL?

Thanks in advance!

We do have an issue with blocks that return arrays of objects. We’re working on this with the blockspring team to see what we can do (it’s something they have to deal with their other integrations, like Excel, etc.). More on this soon, but can’t commit yet on a deadline.

Hi Emmanuel,

Thanks very much for the quick response.

No worries about the problem - I assumed I was using it wrong. I’ll investigate a workaround.

Feel free to close/lock this topic.


Any news on this? A quite large amount of twitter’s data received via Blockspring are arrays and thus inaccessible due to the [object Object] thing.

Can you use Zapier ? They have recently release the ability pass data around, and it might be more structured.

Unfortunately, Zapier is not able to do what I’m looking for.

We haven’t heard back from blockspring on this yet. They’re in the middle of a redesign, so the timing isn’t ideal I think.

or rather: if Zapier is able to get details of a tweet based on an id and send info to bubble then I have yet to find out how since bubble is not listed under Zapier’s Action platforms, so I cannot transfer Data to it.

Zapier Bubble trigger isn’t public yet.

MutiStep zaps may let you do what you want. So trigger from Bubble, then use the results to send the data to Bubble workflow via an Action.

Thanks. Well I guess I have to drop this whole thing then. Too bad.

If you click on the above link you get the Zapier bubble action as it is private, you just can’t search for it … But it works very well.

So this is buildable.

Guess it depends on what you are trying to get.

Oh I’m aware there is a bubble trigger, but no bubble action. Thanks anyway.

Both trigger and action are there. I have data coming into a bubble app from Twilio, gmail etc

There’s no way for me to choose bubble in an Action even after your invite.

That’s why. Unless I’m blind or something?

At the moment you need to build the action yourself in the Developer area.

See here.

Oh okay, thanks. I have no idea about the whole API thing so I have no idea what this does. Guess I have to read up a manual that explains what this is about but I didn’t come to bubble to learn stuff like this in the first place anyway :smile:

Well thank you, still. It’s just much more complicated than I expected.

Yes, it is currently pretty complex. But it will get clearer over time, this is at the edge of bubble development.

It’s been few months and Fullcontact still only returns partial data. Is there any update on this?

Tried to solve it with API Connector and it has the same issue. It returns limited data. For example it doesn’t provide me with all the social networks like FullContact would.

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