[SOLVED] Repeating group: Not showing dynamic data

Hello !

I’m trying to show informations in a repeating group.
It seem’s I can’t pull anything in there.

I’ve tried “Current user’name” and it didn’t shows. I’ve tried to set privacy for my Datatype to “everyone can see” and it didn’t work. I’ve looked into my style to see if the text was just white on white… I don’t know where to look anymore :o

The result’s i’m looking for is alot like the “to-do’s” tutorial you get at start. I’m pulling fields from a data type. And only want to see the creators things.

So here’s some screenshot.

Repeating group settings:

Dynamic text setting:

Data type and it’s field:

In the preview I don’t get anything:

Thank you for your help !

Try changing your privacy type to everyone can find in searches (cos a repeating group is performing a search)

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Oh wow, thank you !
That was it. I didn’t know it was performing a search.

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