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Multiple issues with Bubble

There are a number of issues I am experiencing with bubble.

  1. I no longer have the debug mode displayed when I preview the application.
  2. Table data appears to have been duplicated on the tables that I use on bubble. The views that I see under remain the same however the repeating groups that use the views have duplicated data throughout.
  3. When I use a data thing to download CSV data it only downloads half of the data that is on the actual table, i.e. in a data type with 10 rows, only 5 are downloaded. This issue appears to be linked to the same issue where records had mysteriously disappeared and they were recovered by bubble administrators. The same records which were missing which are now available now seem to be the very ones that are missing when a download is performed via the method I just explained.

Please assist me anyone if you have an idea of what might be happening.

If you see things like this a bug report would be best. No one can really help without having a look at te actual situation.


It appears you’re adding some custom code on your page that is broken. See below. In particular, you should load content over HTTPS.

Generally speaking, be careful with HTML code you add to your page, this can break things if you don’t do the right thing…


Thank you… That partly resolves my issues. The second issue I had highlighted is the following:

The bottom panel that highlights the specific errors seems to have disappeared so I did not actually see the error messages with the details depicted on the print screen that you have attached.

Fristly, how do I get this back.
Secondly how do I show the very detailed descriptive panel? When it was visible, only the top part of the panel was visible.

Thanks and regards,