Data is not getting saved in databse

When attempting to extract HTML and JSON data from Unlayer and subsequently saving it in a database using the “Make changes to a thing” workflow, I have observed that the data is not consistently saved. This issue seems to occur specifically in certain corner cases.

Upon further investigation, I suspect that the problem may be related to the length of the HTML and JSON data being processed. In instances where the data contains more than 100,000 characters, the workflow does not reliably capture the content, resulting in empty values being sent to the backend. This behavior has a detrimental impact on our application as it leads to data loss.

Attaching the screenshot of the logs

In the first image, as we can see, the HTML is present and in the second image we are picking the same HTMl and saving it. But as per logs, in the second action of the workflow, the data is coming empty which lead to data loss

I have tried copying the content from the logs but, even the logs are truncated to limited characters, so I was unable to restore the data.

Could you please help us out here

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