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Why is the data upload process so terrible?

Am I missing something? I love Bubble, I really do. I can now build a skeleton app in a day, which is awesome, but importing data takes me almost as long as it took to build the app. Bubble, PLEASE fix this. In my last app I resorted to building my own database management page with all the bells and whistles because that was still faster than using the native Bubble functionality. When using relational data this process is Windows ME-level frustrating:

Step 1) Import CSV: uh-oh the import failed at row 27 because Thing X doesn’t have a row with field Y. We could have skipped it and given you a list of the rows we skipped, but we hate you, so go back and delete the first 26 rows of your data so we don’t make a bunch of duplicates and try again.

Step 2) Refresh the page, reselect the file, and reassign all of the fields, then repeat step 1. Do this 845 times or until your data is imported

Step 3) Die of old age.

I get it, I should clean all of my data like the Arm&Hammer guy at a crime scene of his own making, but I’m trying to build MVPs with a small amount of sample data and this process can increase my first-build time by 40-80%. When I want to tell my colleagues “Hey, use Bubble for that, it’s great” I’d rather not have to follow up with “except the data import process will make you drive your car into a tree”

Is there some plugin I haven’t found that will make me less frustrated with this process? Fixing this should be a high priority but as far as I can tell has been the same for years.

I’m having similar issues and while I haven’t died of old age yet, my prognosis is not good.

In fact, I’m seeing some of the same issues related to data-upload that go back 4 or 5 years; many of them have zero responses. Is it possible relatively few users are populating their applications with data?

Please LMK if you ever get any help with this. Thanks. :slight_smile: