How to give access to Dummy user data (Privacy rules)?

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How to give an access to the Thing created by Dummy user to everyone without giving access of ‘User-created’ Things to other users? The rule ‘This Things’s Creator’s Role is Dummy and Current user is logged in’ doesn’t work.
“* Rules that use “This Thing’s X’s Y” can’t grant search access right now” (Bubble message)
The purpose is to show to Standard user example of the creation (created by user whose role is Dummy). At the same time we don’t want that Standard users can see creations of each other.

I’ll appreciate for any suggestions


Structure it from the perspective of the current user. Privacy rules do not work for look ups. Also, do not forget that the furthest-low box is also important to setup, as this is where you restrict access to everybody else.

Please see below … an example to provide access to a thing called “application” only to paid users … from the perspective of the current user:

Thank you for the tip, but I’m looking for the solution to give an access of one particular Dummy user created documents (contract examples) to other users, but I don’t want that users can see each other docs.
The rules for paying users already in place. I just not using “Yes/No”, instead I’m using date of subscription beginning: “Current User’s Subscribed to plan Date is not empty” (more flexible compare with just Y/N, and gives more info).

I haven’t actually tried this, but could you create a “shared” Thing to which all users have “view” access but only the Dummy user has “write” access? The “shared” Thing (whatever you wind up calling it) would “contain” the example creations. Seems this approach would be more flexible as well since anyone could potentially contribute to the examples (if you decided to allow it).

Thank you @sudsy for the suggestion. Unfortunately, that means of cloning 20+ Things with 20+ fields, also, creating whole different workflow for dummy user. Sort of “make your document public”. That is a lot of work. Right now, Dummy user uses apps main functionality and database to create the docs. And there is a button on the page “see example” which loads popup with the same document user is working on, but the source data is “Dummy” user. That is working right now because there are no restrictions on Things in Privacy rules. As soon as I put ‘This Things’s Creator is current user’, they can only see their documents. I want to add the rule where is the creator is Dummy, anyone can see the Thing. ‘This Things’s Creator’s Role is Dummy and Current user is logged in’. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work.

No, I didn’t mean to replicate the Thing. I meant to have a separate data type that contains references to shared Things. However, I think I have a better (simpler) idea.

Couldn’t a IsShared field be created on the Creation data type and then just create a privacy role based on that field?


Just to note that this approach opens the possibility of enabling any Creator to share a Creation; but of course, you could restrict that ability to just the Dummy user if you wish.

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@sudsy sounds very promising, thank you! I will gite it a try, give me a sec

Hey @sudsy
Just tested your suggested solution.
Worked as a charm! Thank you so much!!!


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This was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you ^^