Database Views are not named correctly

I have made changes to table names, but these names are not reflected in the database views.

It is possible to rename it manually, but all this does is to create a copy of the view with the new name. The built in view does not change.

I also used the “Settings → General → Optimize Application” function, which cleans out old names, but this one it does not clean out.

Hi there, @CosmicSelf… have you tried refreshing the editor? I know that’s a super basic suggestion, but it often resolves discrepancies like the one you are describing. So, it can’t hurt to give it a shot if you haven’t already.


Thanks for this suggestion, but it’s been like this for a while now :slight_smile: Anyway, I logged in fresh to another browser altogether and it shows the same.

Oh, wait… I believe it’s because the name has the word person in it, and the plural of person is people. Bubble pluralizes the names in the app data view, and I just replicated the person/people thing.

Edit: I see you added another data type to the screenshot, and that name ends in movie but is showing as movies in the app data view. Unless I am totally misunderstanding your post, that is expected behavior.

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Yep, I just realized this now, Its the plural! And person turns into people. Interesting way of doing things… but I understand :slight_smile:

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