Date range still not saving to Database


old issue from 2019. Date range is not saving to Database. Instead of date range is saved [“”,“”].
Thus date range field is not usable at all. I’m on latest bubble.

Anyone found workaround?


I’m not able to duplicate this issue. Working fine for me.

I am encountering the same issue. Adding a Date Range list to the database isn’t working (I’m on latest bubble). It will only saves the Start Date and End Date.

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@keith Keith, Did you test with brand new page? Perhaps it worked on existing one.

Yes and no.

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@keith indeed, you are right. Date range is saving to DB correctly. It was my issue expecting that one Date-time picker can save Date range with Start Date and End Date to one DB date range field. After creation of two date pickers date range is stored in one DB field which is type of Date Range.