Debug mode on small (Galaxy Fold) screen

I am using my Galaxy Fold with a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.
The setup works like a charm :slight_smile:
So, I thought, why not use a Galaxy Fold for my Bubble App support/bug fixes while on the go.
All works well until I go into debug mode i.e., https://****/version-test?debug_mode=true, (where **** is my URL).
Even if I manually type the above in full, as soon as the page loads it reverts to the URL with /version-test?debug_mode=true removed (truncated).
BTW, the screen specs (when open) are 7.6” QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X (21.6:18) 2176 x 1812 374 ppi, HDR10+ certified, Up to 120Hz refresh rate
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Thanks, Mark.

you need to be logged in in in the same browser to activate debug mode

Hi @dorilama
Maybe I’m missing something.
I’m in the same browser app, (Chrome), and simply click to launch the app in debug mode.
So, I am in the same browser.
Please explain what I may be doing wrong.
Thanks for helping.

I thought you were developing on one device and testing on a different device.
If you are logged in bubble in the same browser then the problem may be some redirect you have in the workflow logic.

Hi @dorilama
I appreciate your assistance but I suspect the screen size/resolution will be causing the problem.
I remember some time back that there were issues with screen sizes supported by Bubble when in development mode.
So, I searched and found the following meaning that, very sadly no, I cannot do this on my mobile device.
“The debugger is only accessible in the Development environment, and adding the URL in Live will have no effect. It is meant for desktop use and is not designed to work on mobile.”
What a pity :frowning:
Regards, Mark.

If you use the same browser where you are using the editor, then the debug mode works also when previewing the live app.
Maybe it’s a problem of screen size :man_shrugging:

Yes it’s interesting to watch what happens on a mobile device. I tested on my tablet and saw the URL with the /version-test?debug_mode=true at the end but as the page loaded that part of the URL was removed.

I found that using Google Remote Desktop (Beta) works like a charm.
I just need to remember to leave my main computer with the app open to connect to.

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