Issues with Ipad

I’ve opened my app on an ipad and i realised that it behaves differently (some conditionals depending on data are wrong).
Sadly i can’t access debug mode on the iPad so i cant even find the root of the issues.
Is it normal that i cant access debug on tablets? And what are some common issues which could be leading to different behavior on the iPad? Do some plugins not work?
Thank you

To access debug mode you need to be logged into Bubble first. So if you simply put ?debug_mode=true after your URL and you’re not logged in, it’ll just redirect you to the page and remove it.

So log into Bubble in the browser on your iPad and then give it another go.

Another option is to use the developer tools in your browser to simulate loading your app on an iPad. Basically all this does is allows you to set the screen resolution to commonly used devices

Here’s how you’d access that in Chrome

In my experience, testing on the device itself is always the best way as simulating in the browser isn’t 100% identical in all situations even with the same browser - i.e. chrome on iPad doesn’t respond exactly as it does on the desktop. But those cases are rare and most of the time your issues will be around optimising for the different screen resolutions

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Thank you very much for your response. I didn’t know that you had to be logged into bubble to access the debug mode. This allowed me to find the root of the issue.
It wasn’t a responsiveness issue, as i had made sure it was fully responsive, it was a way weirder issue.
The computer uses a mm-dd-yy while the iPad uses dd-mm-yy, so date-type transfers to reusable elements (using Regex) were just completely wrong.

Just wanted to give a heads up to anybody who might stumble into this issue in the future.


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