Debugger dropdown doesn't show

My element dropdown in debugger mode doesn’t show. I have it blocked by this big white empty field. Does anybody know what can be the problem?

Is this a program bug or problem of something else?
I have cleared cookies, relogged and reset both computer and browser.

This is one of the many bugs with the new Beta Expression builder (the debugger doesn’t work properly when it’s turned on).

So turn off the new expression builder when you need to use the debugger.

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Like almost always you have a solution for anything I post, that is just amazing :slight_smile: Bubble should give you some cut!

But, if i roll back to old expression composer can it affect any already build expressions?

If you’re using the experimental parenthesis feature anyway then no, it won’t affect anything.

If you’re not, then to be honest I don’t know… (in theory it may well do - it depends how your expressions are constructed I suppose).

Maybe turn on the experimental parenthesis feature first (if you’re not already using it) then turn off the Beta Expression builder.

I haven’t turned the beta expression on yet. Is it helpful to turn it on?

Don’t do it!!!

well, actually, it’s super useful in certain situations, i.e. for inserting things into existing expressions, which can’t be done without it… but it breaks so many things (option sets, groupings, the debugger etc.) and causes the editor to crash or become unusably slow.

And you have to enter everything twice, because nothing works on first click (so it actually takes twice as long to create an expression with it compared to the existing editor).

Plus it seems to block certain element datasources from being listed in the dropdown, so you sometimes have to create expressions elsewhere, then copy and paste them into the expression builder in order to be able to use them.

I just turn it on momentarily when I need to modify an expression in a way that can’t be done with the existing expression builder, then turn it off again once I’ve done it.

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I have turned it on and removed the beta ex. composer. Now everything looks ok. And for me big pro for possibility to insert elements inside the long formulas, but as you said, many times i drop from the editing sequence. Hope they fix it as I cannot think of coming back where I have to screenshot my forumula and rewrite it whole when I miss one parameter inside.