Debugger probably unuseable for everybody?


Anyone also found out that Debugging is impossible when during debugging you take too much time on a certain step?
What do I mean?
When I stay in a certain step in the Debugger ( checking that step), the actual process of all the steps appears to be executed in the background changing the data in teh database. This means when I proceed to the next step the data has already been changed screewing up the Debugging…

I encounter this problem so often I find it hard to believe not everybody has the same problem? It practically makes the Debugger not usable.
Do you guys have work arounds?
Is the Bubble team aware of this bug?

What you’re describing sounds similar to the following…

In a nutshell, due to Bubble’s asynchronous nature - especially when it comes to fetching data from the DB - actions aren’t always executed in the order they appear in the workflow. I agree 100% that the UI certainly implies that they are executed “in sequence” all the time, but it just isn’t so. :neutral_face:


I use the Server Logs most of the time (98% ?) :slight_smile:
When you add colors, it’s another world.


Your a Legend John. Where r u putting these colours to show up in the server logs

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Hi @chad

In front of everything :slight_smile:

@sudsy It is not simply the asynchronicity…it is the debugger showing completely other results then what actually has been executed, because it lags behind on the real data process in the background.
What seems to happen:

@JohnMark Thank you for showing me another methode so look up what is going wrong…though I still what love to have a functional Debugger :wink:

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This actually at times results in the debugger executing entire ghost workflows when the value X is a trigger for next workflows in a ‘only when’ formula. Again, in reality the data shows those ghost workflows have not been executed.

This makes debugging near impossible

Seriously, nobody else experiences this?

Further look into your examples, it does hit the same problem. Incredible it is perceived as not a bug. Can’t Bubble just let workflows be executed as shown on screen when Debugger is on?

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