Delete files from filemanger and database

Have another problem. Function delete file from filemanager dosen’t work.

In my app after file has been proceed it should be deleted immediately from the server . But it doesn’t work. Can any one help?

OK, this may sound stupid and I don’t mean it to sound insulting, but…

Are you sure that Current User’s VideoFile is an actual URL and NOT a file?

well it suppose to be file :slight_smile:

but there is only this option when you choose delete uploaded file:



my intention is that on the end of the workflow files will be deleted from the server.

I’m pretty sure you that need to provide an actual URL in there, not just the file.

I assume you are storing the file in a table somewhere? If so, I think you need to store the file AND the URL that Bubble is creating for you where the file is stored in your file manager.

For example, my file manager shows these image files I uploaded:

When I upload a file, I store the file AND its URL in my photos table:

So when I want to delete the image, I need to delete the photos row AND also delete the file itself:

Hopefully someone else will chime in if I’m off on any of this.

when i upload file i store them with this function

i try to follow with this instruction:

After upload information about file is store in database:

Zrzut ekranu 2023-10-2 o 17.10.09

And in file management:

but can not delete when this workflow goes:

What means #iteration?

The example I gave you is from a loop I built to delete all the photos and database files associated to an inventory item.

You don’t need the #iteration part. My guess is that :first_item would be right for you.

well but i only need to delete exact file:) in data base each user has one videfile and one voice file :slight_smile: