Deleting images from the server ( not stored in database?)

Hello, I came to this strange issue.
I am using an API workflow to update an image

So in my database there always is 1 image.

But I have noticed that in my ‘file manager’ there are thousands of these images stacked up, meaning every time I update the image, old one is still left in the cloud.

I can delete it from the file manager, but how do I delete it with a workflow?

Thanks !!

Hello @tomajx

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Thank you @cmarchan that’s a great explanation!
Will use the ‘delete uploaded file’ in my backend workflow before updating the image!

My question still stands though, because in the example video you could ‘delete the uploaded file’ by using the images url from the database .

In my case, the ‘thing’ is already deleted from the database, so I don’t know it’s url.
I could just delete everything and start right over the correct way, but the thing is there are many other uploaded files and images that I want to keep, and about 50k of stuck images.

Interesting case to bring to Bubble support perhaps?