Delete items from a list with an empty value

Hey there!
I have a List in an RepeatingGroup and outside of that RepeatingGroup I have a Button. When Button is pressed I want all Items on the List that have an specific empty value (for example ItemsName is empty) to be deleted from said list. I could create a step for each item of the List to check if its empty and if so to delete it. But i would need to put X-Steps (X beeing the number of items in the List) in a Workflow which is quite inconvenient. So I need one step that runs through all the Items in the List and checks if a specific value is empty (e.g Name) and if so to delete that item from the list.
Thanks in advance for your guys help!

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You can use the action “display list in a repeating group” and assign “repeating group list filtyered itemsName is not empty” as list to the repeating group.

docs: filtered, display list

That would work frontend-wise but i need to delete the item from the list. With the workflow “display list in a repeating group” the item would still exist in the list

I am not sure I understood your question correctly, but if you want to delete the items from your database you can do so with this set up: (15)
hope this helps

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If you have a field in the database that is a list of things and you want to remove some things from that list you just need to “make change to a thing”, select the thing that has the list and set the list using the “filtered” operator.

Thanks to both of you! @dorilama and @hanan1 ! It worked!