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Delete & Make Changes to a Thing

I have a list that users can provide the services they offer… See below:

What I would like to allow the users to do is once they have created the list. In instances they should be able to update any of their services and delete as needed.

I’m a l little confused on the use of “Delete a Thing vs. Delete a List of Things” and the same thing for “Make Changes to a Thing vs. Make Changes to a List of Things”

Any guidance around this would be helpful.

Hi there,

So “Delete a thing” would be used if you have, for example, a Delete button in your repeating group on each row. So you know exactly what thing you want to delete. “Current cell’s Service” or whatever it is.

“Delete a list of things” might be if you wanted to delete ALL the Services. Or if you had check boxes in each Repeating Group cell, so the fairly common “tick the boxes and then Delete Selected” way of working with lists. In that case you want to delete all the things in a list of things. This “list” could be the result of a Search (so “All the Services for this User”) or something you have created by adding ticked Services.

“Make Changes” is much the same. If you know the “thing” you want to change then you can just update it - so for example maybe you are changing the cost of a service in a particular cell.

“Make Changes to a List” makes the SAME change to a list. And this is often a source of confusion in Bubble, firstly you tell Bubble the list (so perhaps the result of a Search) and then you tell it what change you want made to EACH thing in that list.

An example of the make change to a Single thing. I have one Question on my page, I want to change just that.

And example of make changes to a list. I have a list of users on my page that I have Displayed in a Repeating Group. I want to Add something to EACH User in the list.


Thanks for the reply… I think I got it. See the screenshot below:

This is the actual page that I’m trying to allow my users to update or delete. When I built my app I didn’t take into account users being able to update and/or delete their offered services as needed. What I would like them to be able to do is click on the desired service in a repeating group (which is in my initial post). Then either use this page to either delete or update. Based on what you explained sounds like I should be using the “Make Changes to a Thing” functionality? Correct?

Yes, as you know exactly what the Service is “Current User’s Groomer’s Service” you can Delete or Update that. Don’t need the list version at all.

Thank you for your help and clarification on this. I think this is what you’re referring to:

What I have is “Services” is the name of the list then the fields within that list is:

  • Service Name
  • Service Duration
  • Service Cost
  • Service Description

Everything in those fields I would like to delete which would no longer show up in the repeating group list.

Yes, that what I was talking about. That removes the Service from THAT Groomer. But doesn’t delete the Service, it is still available for other Groomers.

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Thanks Nigel, all set. Worked like a charm!

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