Deleted data appears as ghost entries in RG

I have a repeating group where I use a set of workflow actions to delete one or more records. The problem I’m experiencing is that after deleting these records the RG continues to think the records are still there. After reloading the page the RG is empty as it’s supposed to be but that should not be standard practice.

I’ve used all the workflow actions there are for a repeating group (Display List, Show Next/Previous, etc.) even resetting the group that the RG is inside of, but for some reason these blank rows (and sometimes rows with the deleted filenames) still appear. Even a text box with a search that looks for records still displays 15 files for an empty table (see image below).

I’m performing the delete using button/workflows from a popup but I’ve taken that button and workflows to the page and it has this problem. I also notice that faint Bubble circular progress indicator but it never ends.

This image shows the ghost records and the empty data table.

Here you can see the faint progress ring spinning but no update to the empty RG after many minutes.

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What’s the content type and data source for the repeating group?

Also, what are you deleting in your workflow? - The file ‘datatype’, or the actual stored file?

I have a data type named “Files” and one called “File-content”. The RG does a search on Files. The files are associated with a data type named “Folder”. The three configurations are shown below.

The configuration is just an expansion of the “Build a Drop Box Clone” Bubble tutorial which uses two RG’s, one for a folder list and one for a file list. The only change I’ve made is that I added a customer ID and property ID to allow for multiple users and multiple property associations.

Although the Files data type shows a “file” field type for the Files field, it isn’t actually used and remains empty but the File-Content data type uses the Content field with the “file” field type and is used and shows the s3 link for each item stored.

image image image

The RG’s search parameters:

The search constraint “Parent group’s Folder” (in the image above) comes from a search of an RG (RepeatingGroup Folder) and selects the cell containing the Folder last selected. I use a custom state to track this cell index named “Folder Cell Index”.

The delete workflow deletes both “Files” and “File-contents” complete record for each file deleted and the search uses the Folder RG’s current cell data to determine the Folder ID’s of the Files and File-content records to delete. So, I think to answer your question I believe that I’m deleting the data type and not just the file within the database.

Delete workflow actions:


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Did you solve this issue?