Repainting group ghost record

I have a few repenting groups that when I use a button to delete the record the information and the DB record gets deleted, but the repeating group still display a ghost of the record without any information.
I can create a new empty record with that in a new data set if I press the create button
If I refresh page it goes away
The other user where this record will be displayed, the repeating group dose refresh and there are no ghost records only on the user page that I perform the action this happens

Does anyone encountered this issue and knows how to fix it?
Thank you very much

The workflow is very simple:

I have finally figure it out and decided to share the findings just in case someone else get in to same situation

First I have to explain the cause:

In my workflow there are 3 different delete actions that deletes data from 3 different datasets, the first 2 are dependent on the last one (delete all the information from the others data sets that contain the user of the selected repeating group entry then delete the record of that repeating group).

I believe that some sort of asynchronous behavior occurs when trigger this workflow that results in the behavior described above.

I tried to move the last step in to a API and in to a custom event but got same results.

The solution I found, is to move first 2 steps in to separate API and schedule the API independently.

Work flows:

before: Delete thing 1 (list) > Delete thing 2 >Delete thing 3(repeating group record)

after: Schedule API for thing 1 > Schedule API for thing 2 > Delete thing 3(repeating group record) - this seems to be working just fine
Regards Dan

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