RepeatingGroup flickering of deleted items

Hi, I’ve made a little screen record to show what happens since a few days probably:


(Seems like this gif is a bit slow, but I think you got the point)

So, I delete one item of the RG and it disappears, as wanted, but then shows again short time after for fraction of a second.

The items are stored in a parent-like data structure as a list. After each remove of an item, I need to update 2 additional fields of the parent to update the 2 text fields at the bottom. When I disable this updating workflow, the flickering disappears… I can’t understand why this happens, because the updating of 2 fields should not change something in the 3rd field (the list of items)…

Below, you can see the updating workflow which is triggered, after an item in the RG ist deleted (1. deletion of item, 2. trigger the update workflow)

Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 11.45.09

Does anybody has an idea?
Thx in advance.

I have experience something similar but not exactly. If you do not mind refreshing the page after every delete. Try running the action “Refresh the page” and see if this will solve the issue.

Hm I just changed everything to be a SinglePage App without page loading :slight_smile:

Hmm my workaround for this will be that I get rid of these 2 fields which I kept updating at every change; instead I will calculate the sum of each sub item directly.

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