Deleting a file from a list within a think using a repeating group

In my bubble app, a think (order) is created. This think contains a list of files. Now I want to display the list of files using a Reapeting Group. For this I set the Type of content to file and the Data source to the right think. (The group in which the Reapeating Group is, already has a certain think (order) stored). After that I can display the name of the file. Now, however, I want to delete the file in the line in the Reapeating Group via a delete icon. This is to be done with a click on the icon.
Unfortunately, I can no longer call up the corresponding order in the workflow via “Make changes to a think”, since only the files are located within the repeating group and not the think.

Thanks a lot for your support!

You should be able to call up the “Group X’s Think” rather than “Parent Group’s Think” if the Think is stored on a different group on your page. You could also store the Think in a custom state instead, and work with the state for your data source.

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