How do I remove a text field from a list of texts in a repeating group

I have a data type [Property] and a field in it called {rules} which is a list of texts
In a repeating group I have the source set to the Current Property’s Rules and then each cell is set to Parent Group’s text.

I have an icon in each cell to delete the text field of that cell.
In the delete workflow I have it make changes to a thing, Current Page Property, Rules remove current cell’s index.

Everything displays correctly but I’m stumped as to why when a delete icon is clicked, it doesn’t remove the item. What am I doing wrong?

Hi there, @iamjoshgreen… are you able to select Parent group's text instead of Current cell's index (which is simply the row number of the item in the repeating group)?


Yep, that did it. THANKS!!!

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