Deleting data so slow

Hi All,

Is anybody experiencing deleting data is so slow…even only one row. It’s happened since last 2 weeks, already checked with new small app still the same. But sometimes it looks normal



Haven’t experienced it, no. Have you checked the workflow in the logs? If it reports an unusual amount of processing, there might be a bug.

Tks! I haven’t check yet…will do.

But my wf usually simple, just delete a thing/list of things refers to cust state’s data or element’s data source

Yeah, the workflow shouldn’t be very demanding (though lists are always slower, no matter what kind of action you apply to it. I believe Bubble is holding back a bit to avoid sudden processing spikes, although I can’t say for sure what’s going on under the hood).

In the past, I have experienced certain actions becoming unusually slow. Sometimes, it lasted a day, other times, it turned out to be a bug. I’d give it a little more time and research before submitting a report, but if you really think it’s something out of the ordinary, I’d ask them about it.

One more thing…slow deletion happens as well when delete directly from db. Anyway i have to spend extra time first to investigate

I have that issue too, once i needed to delete 13000 rows database and it was easier for me to create a new app and clone from first one, rather than w8 to delete things.

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another way Deleting large volumes of things after set date

Actually, did some more testing deleting single records in the DB editor now, and it fluctuates a lot. On several records, it took 1-2 seconds, while others took 30. There’s something off it seems.


Yeah I second this. Noticed yesterday about 20 seconds lag from manually deleting a data entry (even on a single entry. Refreshing and editing/saving was fine, both via workflows actions and API. App wasn’t under any stress in terms of usage…

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Did a quick check, this is a small test app, on a ‘Hobby’ plan on a 5 field data type with only a few entries. Deleting a single entry - 1st test takes about 5 seconds, then 2nd test 1 second…

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Yesterday seemed to be more, maybe in the 10-20 second range for a single or handful of entries. Seems to be more responsive now in the database?

I was trying to delete 9000 records from a data type and it took hours. In the end I gave up and deleted the data type, created a new one and brought back in the revised set of data.