Deleting items from database

@emmanuel when deleting items from the DB, it takes a very long time. Many times when I’m deleting one item from the DB, it can take 30 seconds or more. Why is that?

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@reger-alexander There is no answer to my question in this post. Thanks.

@gaffneyantonio You are right about slow removal, and 3-4 weeks ago it was quick. I’m still not sure if Bubble split the primary server at this point, as it seems that multiple users are not affected. But since Bubble is always working in progress, you have to be patient, but you also have to report on the difficulties encountered.

Speed is still the number one priority right now.

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@JohnMark Yes it wasn’t an issue for me either some weeks back. I appreciate your input on the matter.

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I am having the same problem. I am in process of deleting 1000 records and it has taken nearly 20 minutes so far and I suspect it might be some time yet.

It was also very slow and importing records too. I brought in 9000 small (just 2 fields) amount of simple text data yesterday and it took a couple of hours.

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