Deleting my app DELETED my paid account

My paid account was deleted when I deleted my app and started over.

Now it shows my invoice for “Personal” but says “Hobby” on my account and deleted my unique domain name.

Contact support for any questions related to that.

(Subscriptions are per app. So if you delete an app on plan x, you should no longer be subscribed to plan x for that app. I’ve never deleted a paid-level app, so don’t know what sort of notifications one receives.)


Keith, is there an area to do that or a phone number to call?
All I could find was “Contact Us” in the footer and got no response.

I can’t find “Support” anywhere

Would you believe :wink:

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You could also go to the bug report form and request help there, I suppose!

I tried that

No one is responding to my request for support! I have sent several emails, opened a ticket, and nothing.

This is BS, I paid for a Personal account and bought a template and I still have a Hobby Account.

I am thinking about cancelling and fighting the billing through my credit card.


Support did answer your email yesterday, let us know if you didn’t see the answer. In general, we do our best to answer within 2 business days (and in your case we answered your first email after a few minutes.

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I got nothing to my email

I checked spam and even checked the webmail at the server level - NOTHING.

Truth is they did nothing. I am getting more and more angry with this situation, now it seems they are lying to you.


Please use a different account to reach out to, we can see two answers to your email and they have been sent.


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Tell support to fix my account.

Nothing has been done. I have waited 2 days, my site is down.

I paid $59 for a template and $16 for Personal. Again, this is stupid.

I understand your frustration Peter but manners cost nothing. No need for that. There is clearly a miss communication, but as you can see from Emmanuel’s message they have tried to contact you.

Hoping you are able to get this sorted asap.

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How about a little customer service - like fix my account?


Emmanuel has been very responsive and respectful to you regarding your situation. I can understand that it is frustrating, and that is quite a big chunk of change to be concerned about. As Emmanuel has stated, his support team has tried to reach out twice, and the responses should be in your email.

If you don’t see them there, like Emmanuel stated, try a different email account. Also, check your spam and junk folders in the unlikely event they somehow ended up there.

BTW, submitting a bug report form automatically generates a confirmation email to your supplied email address. If you’ve received none of the communications mentioned above, there’s something wrong with your email address as submitted and/or your email system.

@draked123 I sent from a different account - a gmail account - again nothing


C’mon, 2 business days?

This should be elevated. I have already waited 2 business days.

This is not the level of support that should come from a company charging $16/month for the lowest account, it’s sub standard. I pay $6/month for weebly (which included 10 pro sites) because I am grandfathered in as an early adopter, they had a support telephone line from day 1!

With bubble there’s no “support” area in the footer, even after you logged in. The company doesn’t want paying customers to send tickets to them about the myriad of bugs!

I find it interesting that Bubble support says they responded to my emails - and yet the invoice had no problem getting to my inbox!!! see image