Deployment Related Questions For A Beginner In Bubble

Hi, I’m pretty new to bubble, and I have an app ready for deployment. I have a few questions before deploying and moving it to iOS and Android via dropsource. Could you please help.

  1. After I have deployed the app in bubble, which link should I use to access the app?
  2. If I want to delete the app totally, how do I do it? (If I delete the app in bubble, I suppose it only deletes the development version? or does it delete the live version as well?)
  3. If I want to delete earlier deployed versions (and retain only the latest one), can I do it?
  4. The situation is this: I am the overall administrator of the app. (No private information involved). Hence my question is this: After I deploy the app live, can I control the database / view and update it as well?
  5. How do I revert to an older version of deployment if need be?

Question regarding dropsource integration:

  1. If I have an iOS / Android version via dropsource, is it possible to have a different version in iOS / android as opposed to the one in bubble?: Like - let’s say I deploy an iOS / android one. After that I change my bubble version - I suppose the new version would not be reflected in the iOS / Android one?

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