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Who deploys my app?

I have few incidents in last time. My clients are using the app and to face a standard message about new version the app. They should to update a page and lose their last imputed data. But I’m not deployed the app in this day!!! Why is it happening?

Just making sure, are you talking about the development environment or the production environment?

When you make changes in the development environment, those are live right away. (So, if someone is accessing the development environment, they will see the update and be prompted to refresh). On the other hand, changes to production only happen when you Deploy Development to Live

Ok. But in my case there is not any deploy in this day in the “Previous deployments and reverts” window. What’s the problem then?

Bubble releases fixes to their core system all the time, which is triggering the notice to your users even when you’re not pushing changes to your specific app. The only way around this situation is signing up for a Dedicated plan. Definitely worth it if your app is in production! You are given the ability to release these frequent/random core Bubble updates on your own schedule. Extremely handy for a few of my apps that have regular users (being able to have scheduled maintenance), definitely one of the top 3 reasons I decided to upgrade.

Thank you, Philip!