How do you update/publish your app after changing something?

Hello all,
Just need some help. I have changed a few things within my app and it’s saved, but im wondering how do you publish/update it so it shows the additions you have made on the actual app?

Thank you,

Making changes just follows the same process you did when you deployed it in the first place. You just need to redeploy!

I didn’t make the app, as someone made it for me (i find it confusing, lol). So how do I redeploy it? :slight_smile:

I suggest walking through the Bubble tutorials. It’s a complex tool with a lot to learn, and the tutorials will help you get a grasp of the fundamentals, including this topic.

Is this a template you purchased?

Thank you. Which tutorial will that be about redeploying the app to update?
And no, a third party individual made the app themselves and handed ownership to me, which I payed for.

I’d start here: