Desperate - need help with a list

Hi all

I am in desperate need of assistance. I have been at this for a week already.

I just need to delete a name from a list. The user logs in and can choose to cancel an appointment. The app should go to the chosen date, and delete that person’s name from the list

Please see here the way I am attempting to do it - I have tried every which way, but nothing is working:

Please help

Hi there, @stanley2… your screenshot brings up a good number of questions (for me, at least), but I guess we can start with something simple. Try changing what you have to Booking Name remove Current User's First Name.


Hi Mike

Firstly, thank you very much for responding so quickly.

Secondly, I have attempted as you suggested, no luck.

With gratitude


Well, now we would have to start digging a lot deeper into understanding your app, and that’s a tall task for a forum thread. If you want to share a lot more screenshots (data types, elements, workflows) or a read-only link to your editor, though, maybe someone can help you figure out what’s going on.


Thanks Mike. How would you usually delete an item from a list?

In theory, you would do exactly what you are showing. You have a field that’s a list (which obviously the Book Name field is, and I assume it’s a list of texts), and you would use the remove operator to remove something from the list.

I agree - but it does not remove the item :unamused: So frustrating.

Would love to help out - mind sharing a link to your editor?

Would love to - how do I share the link? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi Ntabs - I am not sure what link I should share? Could you assist with this?

Go to your Settings >> General tab and change the Application rights dropdown to Everyone can view. Then, copy the URL to the relevant page in your editor and paste the URL in this thread.

Thank you Mike - I am learning a lot through this.

Ntabs - here it is - Ayurvedapaid | Bubble Editor

From everything I am seeing, it looks like it should be working. When you run the workflow in step-by-step mode, it finds the correct booking date, and it knows the name it is supposed to remove. I have no idea why it isn’t removing it, though. I actually set up a similar test in my sandbox app, and it works as expected.

The only thing I can think of at this point is to delete the workflow and maybe the associated elements, too, and recreate that functionality from scratch.

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Thank you Mike - that was my thinking exactly. I cannot see a reason it should not be working. I am going to attempt the above as you suggested and then report it as a bug if it still does not work.

Kudos to @mikeloc for helping out.

Just checked. Yeah workflows seems to be fine, it should remove a name from the list of texts.

Definitely try to do what Mike said - try redoing the entire workflow and elements.

I might be missing something out but as far as I can see, you didn’t create any function to create a new booking, you just have a do a search for function for the current bookings. If you check your data tab, you only have 3 booking dates.

So if you were to use “book me”, it would not return any bookings dates and thus adding a text data to something that does not exist, unless if the date and time picker’s value coincides with your search structure




Found the error …

You are saving the user’s fist name + blank space
That is why you can’t delete the user’s first name… because, for Bubble, the element list is the user’s fist name + blank space

Sem título


Holy crap, @rpetribu… that’s an insane catch. Bravo, man.

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Thanks @mikeloc
Already made the same mistake :rofl:.

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That is insane.

Can you believe that little error has kept me up not sleeping for 3 days. Thank you to both of you!!!