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Develop a product for Apparel and Fashion Industry

Hi Folks,

I have 18 years of domain expertise in fashion and apparel industry. I want to build a product which can solve the problem of ‘idle production capacity’ in the apparel manufacturing sector. The idea is to build a platform which can bridge the ‘idle production capacity’ supply with ‘demand’ dynamically - uber style.

would somebody be willing to collaborate with me and help in building this? would you like to be my devil’s advocate?

i think you want to put this under freelance topic

What do you mean by idle production capacity? As in the supplier has production capacity but no work? Tries to match that with someone who needs a supplier?

yes. this idle capacity creation is a dynamic process and keeps changing from time to time.

what kind of production capacity ? i want to start a fashion manufacturing and looking for some young ideas, i’m a fashion designer, i also used to design dresses, i sell many dresses and shoes designs to big fashion company such as Zara, Gucci, Prada and recently i signed a contract with big fashion company here in US and i’ll design exclusive for them, the company i work with now is lilylulufashion, recently i have been working on designing faux fur coats for winter 2021 which you can check here: , and now i’m working to open a clothes manufacture and looking for a serious partner.

What do you mean by idle production capacity?

I would like you to pay attention to women’s underwear, namely leather underwear. I recently opened the MarieMur store for myself. I didn’t think that such clothes could become a trend and a fashion statement. My expectations when buying leather underwear are related to everyday wear. In this case, I need to choose models that are as close as possible to the usual underwear, and which will no longer look like an extravagant suit on me. Can I buy leather lingerie for these requirements? Thanks.

please tell more about this. i have astroworld hoodies for men. i am interested your post for my merch at astroworldmerch.

I guess your idea is about a platform where factories with idle capacity can publish to the world this and sell it to willing bidders?

I think these guys know their business well. Especially harness lingerie products are very good.