Development Credits

So… it seems like everyone knows what these are except me as nobody seems to be asking, and I can’t find it in the documentation…

What are development credits? I’ve used 74/150k WU’s and 88k/100k Credits.

I read somewhere that we’re being charged for development so I assume in Development we’re eating from our WU’s… and there doesn’t seem to be a mention of a split between development and live…

Are these development WU’s? It’s all very confusing.


They are “free” credits used in the development versions of your app. So you don’t incur costs while developing unless you go over the “free” credits.

They added them to the plans so people would stop complaining about their new WU model not being developer friendly.

Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

Hi Chris,
Do these credits reset every month?

Yea they do

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That was fast! Thanks for the reply!

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