Difference between: "This Thing" "Parent Groups Thing" "Result of step X's Thing"

Is anyone able to help me in understand the different use cases for these variables? I’m having a hard time knowing which is the right option for different scenarios, other than trial and error, and by that I mean a lot of error.

My first image shows the specific three options I’m referring to when making changes to previously inputted data.

In order to try and understand, I created a scenario that stores the result of each of the three options into the database upon submit. That is image two.

My third image shows the debugger storing the submitted values, it seems to me like it would be 3 options all resulting the same way. However, Parent Group reads empty. Additionally, in other more complex scenarios I have found that Parent Group’s Thing needs to be selected over, say, “Result of Step X’s This Thing”, which should be the same value given the workflow of submitting a value and then making a change to it immediately after.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you! I’d love to send a link to the editor, unfortunately I cannot afford $70 per month just to add a collaborator. Still trying to see if Bubble is a viable option for my app.

  1. “This thing” is in relation to the expression in the “Thing to change” field

  2. “Parent group’s thing” is in relation to the type of content expressed in the parent group (container) that the workflow element (the button in your example) is in.

  3. “Result of step x’s thing” is just that. From your first image, you can see that Step 1 is to create a new number list. Therefore, the result of step 1 is the new number list you just created.

Lastly, just a quick note:

You can always change your app from private to public in the settings.

Hope this all helps!

Thank you Daniel! That does clear some things up. I really appreciate your response!

In my example, can you help me to understand why the value isn’t being store to the Parent Group when I do have the Parent Group’s “Type of Content” assigned as “Number List”?

Oh I was not aware of the privacy settings. Thanks for pointing that out, that’s awesome! Is this the proper way to link to the editor?

You haven’t set a value for the parent group’s number. And yes, you linked it perfectly!