Differences between development and live version

Can someone help troubleshoot the underlying problem for why my live environment doesnt work as intended? The test environment works fine.

For reference, i have copied the exact database from dev to live. Are there other reasons for these differences (ie privacy settings?)

Hi there, @Jim.joe… can you share some details/screenshots of the differences? The typical reasons are you don’t have the same data in the environments or you haven’t deployed changes from dev to live. Outside of that, it’s hard to say what (if anything) could be causing the differences.


Hi Mike, thanks for the help. Much appreciated. See below a few screenshots.

Brief overview of the app:
Basically, when customers sign up I am creating a SaaS account for them, and then adding the user to this account. This works fine in both test and also works in Live DB.

Relevant workflow that is different in production vs. test
In my other workflows it seems i am unable to use the SaaS_Account variable within the live version. For example, there is a seperate page/form where data type = SubjectRequest(DSAR). When customers navigate to this page, I send information to that page, which includes the SaaS account. When they submit the form, it should be registered to the SaaS account from the page.

The problem is that the SaaS_Account info is not sent to the page, meaning the form isnt filed accurately as it cant be tracked to a SaaS account anymore. In the test version this works fine (see company ID in the screenshot). However in the live version it doesnt work. Have i messed up the privacy settings in the two datatypes? It seems i am unable to send info about the SaaS account to a new page.

Many thanks for helping!!!

Hmm, I could easily not be seeing things correctly, but adding the current user to a list of users on a newly-created thing in the SaaS_Account data type is not the same thing as setting the current user’s SaaS_Account to the newly-created thing (and the privacy rule is evaluating the latter). So, I guess I would ask are you making changes to the current user somewhere to set the user’s SaaS_Account field to a thing in the SaaS_Account data type?

You sir, are a genius! Much appreciated - i have been staring at this all day (gettting increasingly frustrated) and now super relieved to find it working again. I indeed overlooked the allocating of the SaaS_Account. Thanks!

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