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So I have a little dilemma that needs some expert assistance on this forum. A virtual beer for anybody who helps me with it:slight_smile:

I have a button that creates something which takes the buttons place. However sometimes when the button is pressed the thing that is created appears for a few seconds, disappears with the creation button coming back for about ten seconds. Then the thing that is created comes back once and for all.

The problem is that somebody might not think the thing was created and press the button to create it again when it disappears. So you might have multiple instances of something getting created because of this situation which throws the whole program out of whack.

I have experimented with such things as reset data for the group. The only thing that seems to have an effect so far is refreshing the page which is tedious and takes a bit.

Anybody have this problem? What workarounds or hacks did you use to address it?

Thanks again for any help in advance!! @fayewatson @NigelG

I think you should upload some screen shots. Nigel and the others it seems are quite busy, so screenshots would prompt them to help you better :wink:

Hey @Bradluffy,

What condition on the Create button are you using? Is it just with the existence of the new thing? When should the button come back if it ever does?

I’d just hide the button as soon as it’s clicked or set a custom state in the first action of the workflow so that the button reacts to something more stable (like custom state or hiding it directly) - rather than relying on a data process.

What I have been doing is just making a “loading” screen to cover the process.

Just cover the area with a group and if it works quickly then the user might not even notice the “loading” screen, however if the user has slow internet or something like that then they will just see the “loading” page.

Start the workflow by showing the “loading” pop up or group, do the process, then hide the “loading” pop up or group.

Kind of a silly work around, but it works.

Hello and thanks for the replies. So the button does two things. It brings up a popup if the thing has already been created and it creates a thing if it has not been created yet. If that makes sense.

I am still experimenting with a bunch of different approaches. I guess the database needs time to send the new information over. I am trying to avoid the data process as you and @jklabbatz have suggested through the use of hiding or showing other groups.

Thanks for all the help again. Learning pains:)

@Bradluffy do the button and the new thing created overlap in the editor? Just a thought that if the button is becoming hidden, that may be interfering with the new Thing being shown correctly (without the page refresh)?

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