Dynamically create element from thing

I have a workflow as follows, and am having trouble with step 5 in the workflow…

  1. User clicks a button
  2. Modal\popup opens
  3. User enters data
  4. User clicks save (a thing is created or updated and the popup closes)
  5. A new element (linked to the thing) appears on the page

Here is a screenshot:

After clicking save, I can see the object in the database, but no element is created on the page, because there is no option to create an element as an action in the workflow. I am also unable to select a reusable element. Would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.


The element should already be on the page, but hidden. I’m guessing it’s a group. Then probably the best option is, as part of the ‘save’ workflow, you run 2 actions:

  1. ‘Display data’ in the element, like you display the User that you created in the previous action.
  2. ‘Show’ (or ‘Animate’) the element to make it visible.

You can have whatever User fields you want (e.g. as text elements) inside that group.

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