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Disappearing ellements


Today I faced a very weird Bubble behavior.
So I have data type “item”. I have an user field called “Items” which represent list of item what user owns.
I have another user field called “Order” which represents list of items what user can order (refill, fix, etc).

So, I have a repeating group - Show all items for logged in user. On a same page I have another RG which shows all items in Order for logged in user.

I have an action button which sends selected Item to Order.

And here comes weird thing - after clicking this button - all elements on a page - disappearing. I have another action button Reset which resets all item in Order field - same - all elements disappeared.

Basically what I’m trying to achieve is a pretty basic basket and order thing: user can put something in basked (New Order) and then by clicking Create - New Data entry Order will be created.

Can you share a screenshot of the workflow(s) for the buttons?

For add button:

For reset button:

They both one action Workflow. No other actions.

Do the RG items reappear after 15 to 20 seconds? I think I may be seeing the same behavior.

Nope, nothing is happening after 15-20 seconds.
As you can on a gif I’ve attached - not only RG are disappear, but also my upper menu, which is just a group.

Can you share a link to the editor? (Can PM me this if you prefer)

Assuming there is no condition on the RGs to make them invisible, nor some rogue group that is being displayed (due to a condition) and covering your RGs, then this is probably a bug - especially so if @fayewatson is seeing similar behaviour in her app.

The main reason for this weird behavior is that I’ve messed up with my Privacy Rules.
Big thanks to @fayewatson for pointing the problem root.

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