Dropdown Options as a way to bring up data/table

I am designing/making a website for my state’s DECA organization to use for Double Qualifying competitors. I have a page that will have a dropdown options for the different competitive events, but how do I make those options something that when clicked on will show data/names for that event? I’m having trouble figuring out how to do anything with the dropdown options other than just having them there.

If you need me to clarify any of that let me know


I think what you are saying is that when you select a value (event) from the dropdown you want to to show that event details.

To do this you set the group that you are displaying the data on, set the type of content to Event and the data source to the Dropdowns value, then for the text to display the events data would by dynamic like parents groups event’s date.

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Okay, I’m sorry, I’m really really new to this. Would you mind explaining more how to do this? When I go to change the source to the Dropdowns value, it’s trying to make me add more parameters, which according to what you told me, I don’t need.

Sorry, and thank you,

Could you post a link to the the editor or put some screenshots up of what you have now. It will make easier to help you with more information. You can also DM me the editor link if you prefer.

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