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I am working on a web app that will let users enter text to a search bar and dispay the results sorted by “Name” in the database.

My data types have fields such as Name, Value1, Text1, Text2 etc.

I can get the search bar to detect database entries by name, but I can’t get the database entries displayed.

I have tried different elements and a popup, but choices source criteria are not offering what I need.

What and how do I need to set up so the entries found in the search bar by name get diplayed in full in a popup or element on the same page?


Whatever activates your popup or group, you can then use the workflow element DISPLAY DATA to select the group or popup you wish to send the data to. This data will be the result of your search, it could be a specific record, etc. Send this data, display your popup or group, making sure it is of type associated with your data set and then display your data within text boxes using the initial content to pull up the correct

This post answer by @romanmg may help you

Pass thru data to pop-up box

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Thank you for your input.

I also read the linked reply and I think I made some progress, but I still can’t display any date. It does not necessarily have to be a popup, it can be displayed in a group as well, as long as it gets displayed.

My projects looks like this so far:
3 groups, each has its own search box which will pull group specific data.

Group 1 has a database with a few entries that the search box detects when something similar is typed into it.

Search Box is set to Dynamoc choices, which Type is set to the database name and is being sorted by the collumn “Name”.

I created a workflow for that same search box with Element = Search Box and Only When = Search for 's “Name” contains Group1’s Database’s Name.

Step1 of that workflow is Display Data = Group1, Data to display = Parent groups .

I am still not getting any results, what am I doing wrong?

The value of the searchbox selection is the record, not the name. The name is just the field you chose to represent the record for identifying.

If the thing that is being searched is a User, for example, set the group’s type to User, and the data source to the value of the searchbox input. Now, everything inside the group can reference the “parent group’s user”. Eg. A text element inside the group can say “parent group’s user’s first name”.

Changing the searchbox selection will in turn change the data displayed in the group.

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