Display data on a page, filtered by yes/no

Dear Fellow Bubble-builders,

Please help me with this mess:

My use case is:
There is a chef and cook users, and I want to show cooks only the recipes “enabled” by the chef.

Therefore I created a “Chef User” Yes/no field in User Database and “Status Enable” Yes/no in Recipe Database.

Chef user - “no” and Status Enable - “no” means this recipe isn’t shown on the list of Recipes for cooks. (and I have to set up the search with the same system)…but I’m far from there yet.

The only success I had:
I could only set up a Group where the data is shown with the following condition:

Then the list looks like this - with holes in between :smiley:

Does any of you have an idea how can I make it?
Maybe I just can’t see the forest from the tree :smiley:


I think your solution is as simple as clicking on this chap in the group that is taking up the space:

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Hello @SerPounce, thank you very much, it worked. :grin:

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