Rich text editor like bubble implementation

My repeating group fields are in need of a rich text editor, but the bubble version cannot be hidden until clicked. I like how bubble on the editor has a little phrase you click to have the rich text editor pop up. Is that concept something I can implement into my app?


Ya, I think what I would do is have a text that says text editor and maybe show the text editor in a popup or something, that would be the simplest way to do it I think. Would that work for what you are doing?

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Ya exactly. Im thinking like this one.

@peng.o Why was this not able to be done again?

This is definitely possible. I do this in one of my apps. The important thing is to make sure the pop-up has a data type, and you pass “current cell’s thing” to the popup so it knows where to save the text from the editor.

Not sure if it would be ok, but I would love to see how you implemented it on your app. Are you willing to share? :slight_smile:

@peng.o lets take a look at this and see if its a viable route.

I can record a short clip illustrating how I did it, but honestly, the steps I outlined in the post above is exactly what I did. I’m not going to be in a place where I can do this for another 8 hours or so, so if you try the steps above, it should only take about 3 minutes to implement.

I’m out as well so I’ll take the recording haha. No rush! Thank you so much.

I would want the rich text editor to be able to work with the “right” column fields. So each one would have the little text allowing the pop up right?

Yes, that’s how I implemented. However, quick question: Are those “multi-line” input fields on the right? If so, they will not display rich text. They will display html (or bb-code, can’t remember which) that gets generated from the rich text editor.

You’ll likely need to make those a text field, not an input.

Do you mean something like this?

If so, you could use a free rich text editor plugin (Trix editor), an input element. See demo HERE

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Ah yes they are multi line inputs. Because the user needs to be able to add in text there.

Then this approach won’t work, you’ll likely need a plugin input element or HTML to pull this off the way you want to. I’m 99% sure the native bubble input element won’t render the rich text the way you’re looking for.

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