Display Item list at specific number

Hello, this is my first time posting.

I’m trying to create a way for the user to select a button on a pop-up menu and then have that button display an item from an Option set at a specific number.

So if the user clicks a button to display the item at #49, then only the item at #49 will be visible.

If there is a reference that discusses the logic behind something like this, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve been searching the forums and YouTube but haven’t found the answer to my questions. Perhaps I’m not looking correctly.


Hi there, @sacha.d… you are able to use the :item # operator to get a specific item in an option set. So, I’m thinking you could have a custom state (number) that you set to a certain value when the button in the popup is clicked. Then, you could display that item number from the option set in an element in the popup by getting all of the options in the set and adding the :item # operator to filter the set to the custom state’s value. Make sense?

Hope this helps.


Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for the quick reply.

That’s what I initially thought of and tried to set up, but I keep getting errors. Saying that the conditional logic is expecting a list instead of a number

Can you share some screenshots of your set up?

Sorry for the slow response.

Selecting on of these chips is supposed to set the counter to a specific number that corresponds to the number I put in the options set

And then this is the repeating group that is supposed to display the appropriate option from the set.

I’ve added a state to the repeating group that is supposed to be set by the chips in the previous screenshot.

Am I supposed to add the logic to the data source? Or the textbox inside the repeating group that will display the text?

So, you have a repeating group where you are going to show 1 thing, and you have a custom state on the repeating group, right? If you are only showing 1 thing, you should probably use a regular group instead of a repeating group, but moving on.

The operator goes on the data source, and it would look like All job types master:item #RepeatingGroup Job types master list#'s Display. Oh, and when a chip is clicked, you need to have a workflow that sets the value of the custom state, of course.

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