Display item only if ... (Appearence/Options)

Hi all,

I use the Slidebar Menu and it works well. I show the list’s items this way:


I use an option set as menu elements.
In my menu-items options set I also have a numeric field.

Now I only want to display the current list’s item, if the numeric field is greater than 10.

My Menu options (Options set) example:

  • Caption= “Start” / numeric field=“1”
  • Caption= “View” / numeric field=“5”
  • Caption= “Admin” / numeric field=“99”

How can I do this in the Appearence/Options-Field:

List all menu items (with line_break) WHERE NUMERIC FIELD > 99 (for a non-admin user in this example).

I think I have to add some functions to my formula.


Hi there, @jupixy… if I understand your post correctly, it sounds like you would need to add a conditional that is something like when the current user is not an admin (however that is defined in your app), change the options to All Menue-Elements:filtered:each item's Display join with line_break, and add a constraint to the filter where the numeric field greater than a particular value.

Hope this helps.


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