Display trending products

Trying to display trending products in a repeating group but it keeps repeating the first item. I have multiple products in the database

For the elements, I do “Search for product num_review > 10 and product rating >= 4.5”

How do I ensure the products to not repeat?

Can you show your group settings?

Do you mean the grey box to the right?

Currently it has first item’s product name but not sure on how to make it find the top 3 products w/o repeating

Here’s the repeating group settings

Hi, i think it is because you put the ‘’ first item ‘’ at your do a search for when you use that bubble will make sure that only the first item of your repeating group. So let your two contrains, those constrains would work as the filter and simply enter do a search for product

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Yep, I second that.

Just to be sure - please post the screenshot of the group within a Cell of that Repeating group.
It looks like that what you ended up doing is showing :first item instead of Current Cell Product.

Hope this helps :+1:

Update: you actually already did show that :slight_smile:
Here’s your problem:

If that’s a group within a cell of a repeating group, what you want to do is to refer Current Cell Product to show the dynamic values for each individual cell.


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Thanks! Got it to work

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