Displaying a name from another page.URGENT HELP PLEASE

basically i am running a reporting app. the user signs in or signs up and enters their name and surname. once they have done that they are taken to a report page where there is text saying hi. next to the next i would like it to say the users name i.e Hi John. please Help me urgently

need a solution ASAP


Hi @greighutch

Be sure in the sign up workflow to save the first name and last name to the ‘user’ data type (create 2 new fields both set as text - capture from something like a text input). Then once they are signed in to your app, you can then use a dynamic expression 'Hi Current User's first name'. The ‘Hi’ text is of course plain text then the rest is built using a dynamic expression, pulling the data from the logged in user.

Thats it, easy peasy.

Hi Greig,

You joined the forum two hours ago and from your question I deduce you need to go through the tutorials.



Yep agreed.

The tutorials and documentation cover this in great detail, plus there are a number of posts that detail these very basic expressions.

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