Displaying multiple uploaded files

I have spent many days and hours trying to find a solution to what should be a very simple solution and a common need.

I can see so many others have had (and continue to have) the same problem, but no one seems to be able to fully help solve it. I am incredibly frustrated with this. All there seems to be is to apply changes in state, conditions, etc that are all just hacks to find a solution.

The issue is simple… I want to display the multiple files that a user uploads in a repeating group on another page.

This problem occurs when using either the free multi-file plugin or the paid Advanced Multi Uploader plugin.

I’ve reached out to Zeroqode (the maker of the Advanced Multi Uploader plugin) and got the similar “try this and that” replies.

My situation is super basic…

I have a user fill out a form including email, due date, expected value, a description, and then upload files.

Here is the workflow for the submit button:

I uploaded 2 test PDF files, and they show in the database:

On the details page (where I want the files to be shown and be able to download), I’ve tried a number of ways to make this happen, with settings for the repeating group and what’s in the repeating group.

The result is one long, concatenated URL that is a combined url of each file (with a comma in between). How do I get these to display in each repeating column?

Repeating Group setup:

The setup for the link within the Repeating Group:

I setup up a text field as well in the RG to show the file name.

What is shown on the page… You’ll see the one long link that is bad… if you click on it, it goes to https://s3.amazonaws.com/appforest_uf/f1617123961645x802713915855112700/TestPDF1.pdf,%20//s3.amazonaws.com/appforest_uf/f1617123962679x449386455490140540/TestPDF2.pdf (which again is both links in one - so obviously it won’t work).

You’ll also see that for the file name, it’s only showing the first file name, and not showing TestPDF2.pdf in the second column.

All the other information I want to display works fine.

I am hoping someone here can truly help me (and all the others with this same problem).


If you refer to a list (as you are in the link in you RG cell) then you’ll get a list. By default that list will display in a single line with a comma delimiter, unless you format it otherwise.

What you need to do is refer only to the current cell’s file (as you have in the file name text box). So use current cell's file's URL

If you’re only seeing 1 file name when you run the page, then your datasource must only be returning 1 file (either that or only one of the files has a file name).

My guess is your search is wrong. What are the current constraints on your search for files in your RG?

Having said that, it looks like you don’t need to do a search anyway…

Your page seems to have a content type of ‘bid_request’, which has a field ‘FileList’, so it would be more efficient to refer directly to the page’s bid_request’s FileList, in the RG datasource.

And you know that’s working with the 2 files as they’re both showing when you referred to that within the RG cell.

So the correct way to achieve what you’re trying to do is use current page's bid_request's FileList as your RG datasource, and inside the cell, display the current cell's file's URL (and any other data relating to the current cell’s file)


Thank you very much for this, Adam. That worked! I really appreciate this. I will share this with others who I see having the same challenge. Thanks again!

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