Displaying/ not displaying a group based on 2 dropdown options


So I’m having a bit of trouble displaying a group (Text and another dropdown) based on the selection of a primary dropdown.

The two options are 1) Send to marketplace 2) Send to certain businesses

If ‘Send to certain business’ is selected I need to display the ‘How many companies would you like to send this to’ group - I can’t seem to work out the logic behind this, can anyone help ?

(See image) Private-public

you should use custom states and conditionals. Make a custom state that basically is set based on which option is selected. I’d use a number 1 or 2.

Then the group that needs to be shown dependent on the drop down selection ( and therefor custom state ) put a conditional on it to be shown based on the value of the custom state

Sorry still struggling with this, i don’t seem to be able to set custom states for dropdown menus could you expand further or if it’s not too much trouble do a snapshot ?

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