DNS and domain configuration NAMECHEAP

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Can anybody help me with my domain configuration ?

I don’t understand where is the mistake, and it has been a long time now that I wait

Here is the screen from Bubble and Namecheap :

Thank you

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up, got the same problem.

Same here, did you find a solution?

Same here. Any idea?

+1 on this issue.

Contacted support. Make sure you

  1. Delete any redirect records
  2. Type in “www.” in front of your domain in the “Domain Name” box

Doing both of these steps fixed it for me



Hi @kamesh, I’m facing the same issue too. I’ve done the 2 things you mentioned in your post and still getting error. I’m wondering how long did it take for things to start working after you made these changes? Was it immediate?


For me it was pretty much immediate. Try loading www.yourdomain.com instead of domain.com and see if that works. It’s not exactly working great for me at the moment so I’m still trying to figure out which redirects work fastest.

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Seems that adding a Wildcard redirect in Namecheap to “https://www.yourdomain.com” does the trick (that is if you’ve set up the domain as www.yourdomain.com in Bubble).

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the empty field should contain ‘@’

@ symbol

The base/naked domain record uses the @ symbol here and the www record refers to the @ symbol for information. You can also see a sample wildcard ( * ) DNS record and the TTL being set for 600 seconds for these records.

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Update: From making the 2 changes mentioned by @kamesh, took my site around an hour to start working.

@hansdekk, I will also add the wildcard redirect just in case. Thanks for the tip!

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