Help with Namecheap Domain


I’m trying to use my external domain for about 2 weeks now, I’m really desperate so any help is more than welcome.

This is my Namecheap configuration.
I don’t have any redirects.

In bubble there’s 2 IPs each one with 2 names: empty and www
I already read the articles where it shows that empty is ‘@’ in some domain managers and I set it up like this in namecheap, but it’s still not working.

I tried removing one of the 2 IPs from name cheap right now (there’s only one IP in the screenshot above) and I’m waiting 24h again, but I think I’m missing something…

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English

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Hello @rauldeavila93,


Check this article:

other solution by another user:
Then add “A” records, for the first 2 without any value in the “ Name: ” section simply input a “@” sign to represent root

Thank you for your answer.
I did exactly this setup 27 hours ago and it didn’t worked.
I opened a support asking for help directly to bubble since I’m apparently doing everything right.

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