DNS App A records are not connecting to the subdomain

I have created an Internal WebApp for a client using Bubble and ive added the subdomain to start testing and then launch it down the road.

When I added the subdomain, i got 4 a records with app name and its values, previous app was 2 a records. Anyways ive added it on their dns records but bubble isnt able to find them.

What should i do to make sure bubble finds these dns records

The company is not using general doomain companies like godaddy, namecheap etc, but managed by a third party IT team and theyre using cpanel.

How long has it been since you added the records?

Added it on 8th Jan, its still pending

Well it shouldn’t take more than 48 hours, so something’s obviously wrong.

I’m not sure there’s much help you’ll be able to get on the forum, but assuming you’re definitely sure the records are there, and are correct (and you’ve verified that they’ve propagated using something like MXToolbox) then I’d contact the domain registrar and/or Bubble, or in this case the client’s own IT team.

Kindly ensure bubble ip address are pointed to your subdomain.

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