How to connect the Bubble app to domain on GoDaddy

Hi colleagues,
Could you please help us with connection of our Bubble app to subdomain on
As I see all the DNS are added correctly but service in Bubble cannot find the DNS record for my subdomain (, IP in Bubble:

Hi @marat,

Have you waiting 24-48 hours for your DNS to propagate?

Hello Marat,

I just checked and the A record of your domain is currently pointing to a domain ending with 241 which oviously is not the one you want. Maybe it might really just take some time to propagate.

By the way it seems you have no CNAME record. I would suggest setting this as well because someone typing in “www” might otherwise experience some error. You can easily do this in Godaddy at the same place you entered the A record. Just add an additional CNAME record, add “www” in the first field and the IP address from Bubble in the second and confirm.

Hope it helps.

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